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  >> Technical Cooperation
    R & D background
    With the rapid development of urban and rural construction, the state utilities to invest a lot, urban renewal and new wires, cables, optical cable for underground open to change, so the cable trench cover the demand for a larger share of the traditional cement cover , the metal cover high cost, heavy, easy to steal can not meet today's urban construction, the theft,pedestrian injuries, vehicle damage have occurred, has been troubled by problems of various construction departments, faced with a huge market demand, The developed products meet the current needs of urban construction BMG3 cable trench cover.
    1, anti-theft: no theft value of the material itself can not be recycled. After high-temperature melt, only to destroy.
    2, High strength: design the best stress-specific framework, a key part of the special, featuring a DMC high-temperature, high pressure time molding technology, a high degree of polymerization, density.
    3, novel appearance: red, yellow, blue, green and black can be made into a variety of colors, the surface of a variety of embossed patterns can be printed, words, symbols, etc., with art, in harmony with the surrounding environment.
    4, the construction is convenient: the weight of lightweight, cement and metal cover of the quarter, with the gap precision.
    5, environmental protection: Car pressure without skidding, no noise, reduce urban noise pollution.
    Technological advantage
    1, using new technology, cheaper than similar products by 30%.
    2, a wide source of raw materials, the chemical stores are selling, easy to purchase.
    3, process is simple, small investment, only need demoulding once, easy to operate.
    4, Testing shows that the technical indicators have reached the national standard.

Chemicals are sold throughout the store, easy to purchase.
    Production conditions
    Production capacity, 2 man-days producing 100 square meters, annual output of 36,000 square meters (24 hours system).
    Investment in equipment
    1,315 t press (150,000 yuan)
    2,a set of mold (can produce multi-specifications) 30,000 yuan
    3,a set of Kneader(2 million yuan)
Investment in equipment
    An area of 100-500 square meters of factory building
     Each accommodating 2 people
     Environmental Protection: the production process without sludge, water, gas generation, in line with environmental requirements.




    Service mode
    As soon as possible to make the technology into productivity, and better serve the society ,and now making Technology transfer nationally and the transfer fee for technical services is 50,000 yuan.
    Reads as follows:
    1, provide formula matching, process and other technical materials, can bring the whole process of actual production CD-ROM.
    2, providing purchasing channels of raw material.
    3, free of charge for training technical personnel,1-2 people.
    4, free of charge to upgrade the product technology.
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