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  >> About Director
    Shu Chunyi, engineer, Born in 1976, the CPC members, graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Technology, the current director of research base of composite materials in Shandong, China; perennial consultantsof inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic industry associations, vice president of glass fiber reinforced plastic associations of Anqiu City, director of Institute of Zhong Fu FRP.
    Author of "magnesite material and silane coupling agent", "SMC molding products in the process of temperature regulation."
    Main research results:
    1, Solve the organic and inorganic combination of interface problems. Which is the world's problems beeing resolved. and the products have been on the market) increased the strength of inorganic, reducing the cost of the organic.
    2, to solve the moisture absorption of inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-brine, the research and development of the SMC, DMC cover molding technology is the domestic leader. (High strength, low cost) see product description.
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